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Child labor laws can be one of the most confusing areas of family law for parents to tackle on their own. There are plenty of benefits to understanding child labor law, from setting better boundaries between your children and their teachers or coaches to ensuring your child’s safety on the job site by knowing his or her rights as well as their employer’s responsibilities to keep them safe and healthy. At Houston Family Law Firm, our family lawyers serve clients in the greater Houston area and surrounding communities like Sugar Land and Stafford.

The Purpose of Child Labor Laws

The original purpose of child labor laws was to protect children from exploitation. Employers have long been criticized for hiring young workers at low wages, sometimes under unfair conditions and often with no legal protection or safety standards. Child labor laws were developed to protect young people from such conditions by restricting employment opportunities for minors and ensuring their rights are protected by employers.

The Goal of Child Labor Laws

Congress enacted child labor laws to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for our nation’s children. These laws are designed to protect minors from working in jobs that are likely to be hazardous to their health and well-being. Child labor laws also encourage children to get an education, allowing them time after school or during summer breaks to prepare for college or careers. In turn, these opportunities help them achieve success as adults.

houston family law firm

Do We Still Need These Laws?

Why Have These Laws Not Been Eliminated Yet?

Child labor laws have not been eliminated for a number of reasons. The first is that child labor laws are widely disregarded all over the world, especially in countries where being poor means children have to help provide for their families or leave school to find work. Sometimes it’s just hard to enforce these laws, as some people will do whatever they can to get by and if that means using children for gainful employment, that’s what they’ll do.

How Can We Fix This Problem?

Child labor law is meant to protect children. We believe that children should have a right to an education, protection from exploitation and slavery, and protection from dangerous work. Unfortunately, these regulations are still not strong enough, and many children around the world are still exploited under these circumstances. When you think of child labor laws, what first comes to mind?