Cheap Used Car Auctions – How to Squeeze Every Cent Out of Them

One of the most frustrating things about buying a used car is knowing that you are getting less value for your money. There are many ways to counteract this, but one of the best is to buy used cars in Chicago at auction. Auctions are where you “bid” on a car. Usually the auctioneer will set the price, so you can pay less than the car is worth, or at least get it for the same amount of money that it would sell for if it was new. Here are tactics to help you squeeze every cent out of the car you buy at auction.

Getting A Deal

The first thing is to make sure you get a good deal. The basic idea behind buying a car at auction is that the seller gets the most money, and you get the cheapest price. It is important to remember that they are in it to win it, and if they have a chance of making more money with another buyer, they will do it. To get the best deal, you might have to fake some interest. Bidding often starts lower than what people feel it’s actually worth. If it goes up any higher, many potentially buying bidders will back out. This can let the seller know you are interested, and that you are a serious buyer. You might have to hold your hand out a little bit until you get a good price.

Be as Observant as Possible

Take as much time with your inspection as possible before paying for the used cars auction in Chicago. Look over every part of it carefully, taking note if there are any major problems or dents. Then talk to the seller. Find out if they know anything about the history of the car, and why they are selling it. If you feel like the seller knows something you don’t know, ask them, and see how much information you can get out of them.

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Make a Plan

After you have inspected the car and talked to the seller, if you think it’s worth a serious bid, start your plan for buying it. Think about how much money you want to spend on this specific car before buying it at auction. Your plan should be flexible to account for changes in price and anything you may find wrong with the car. Remember you want to get the lowest price possible.

The Auction

When it comes time to bid, try not to jump into it right away, unless you are very serious about buying the car. There are times when people will think they’re bidding and they won’t actually be.