A used car’s best time of year depends on the timing

Timing is everything when buying a used car. Pre-owned vehicles are more affordable during certain seasons of the year. Saving money on your first car or upgrading can be as simple as knowing when to buy.

End-of-Year Sales

Dealerships often offer used car discounts at the end of the year. As new models hit showroom floors and dealerships try to clear out inventory from previous years, they may offer steep discounts on older models. The models from last year are a great deal if you wait until December or even January. Dealerships will often advertise these sales as year-end clearance events or something similar.

Holiday Weekends

The weekend after Memorial Day, Labor Day, or Presidents’ Day is another good time to purchase a used car. These holidays often bring special promotions and incentives from dealerships looking to boost sales numbers over long weekends. In addition, many people have extra time off work during these holidays, so more people are likely shopping around for cars than usual. This higher volume of potential buyers makes dealers more competitive, offering better prices to avoid losing customers.


Springtime is another favorable season for buying used cars in tucson especially April and May when tax refunds start rolling in (for those who have filed their taxes earlier). Many people use their tax refund money towards purchasing big-ticket items such as vehicles, so it increases buyer demand around this period leading sellers to vie with one another for better deals.  In addition, many dealerships looking to make room for new inventory as drivers start thinking about summer road trips. It discounts older models or incentives for purchasing a car before the newest models arrive.

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During the week, you will find lower prices and fewer competitors than on weekends. Dealerships tend to be busier on weekends when more people have free time, so if you carve out some weekday hours to visit a dealership, you find that salespeople are more willing to negotiate not to lose customers.

End-of-Month Sales

It’s important to note that most dealerships have monthly sales goals they need to meet not to lose potential bonuses from their brand’s head office. So towards the end of each month, they become hungrier for Used Vehicles for Sale in Tucson and offer bigger discounts than usual to hit their targets. It is especially true at larger dealerships where there are higher quotas that must be met by various departments including the sales team. It makes them likely candidates for offering last-minute deals not to miss out on hitting targets which would result in losing bonus payouts.