Interior Design Renovation Singapore Guide On How To Use A Neutral Colour Palette

Are you thinking about revamping your home? Or are you a new home owner and want a sleek and classy living space? Well, then you’re at the right place. Neutral colour palettes have emerged into trend as people want a clean and elegant look for their living spaces. Tones like ivory, cream or beige make your interior design renovation singapore look refreshing as well as more open. Here are 5 simple ways through which you can achieve the perfect neutral aesthetic and make your space look gorgeous-

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  • Earthy tones and textures– To give your home a comfy neutral vibe, adding fabrics and textures is the key. Textures help you add depth to your space which makes it look luxurious and helps maintain visual balance. For instance, using a wooden coffee table will give your home an earthy and modern effect.
  • Subtle yet effective contrasts– Neutral colours are versatile and can be paired with various different hues to get a soft contrasting effect. Adding various layers of contrasts like darker pillows on a light couch makes your space look bigger and the eye seamlessly flows through the home. To achieve subtle contrasts you can simply pick the darker and lighter shades of the same colour.
  • A pop of colour– Pairing your neutral colour palette with a colourful decor element creates emphasis in the space. It creates interest in the eye of the viewer and makes the space look lively. For instance, add a piece of colourful artwork on the warm beige wall to make it look interesting and eye catching.
  • A touch of nature– Adding planters or green creepers creates a focal point in the room. Especially if you are opting for some wooden furniture, having small potted plants enhances the entire aesthetic of your home interior and makes the room feel refreshing and complete. You can easily change the positions of the plants to make the room feel new and cozy.

Neutral colours make your home feel welcoming as well as give it a sophisticated and chic look. You can have all the fun by adding various decor pieces with patterns and textures according to your personal taste that completely enhance the look of your home. Liven up your home interior with a wide spectrum of neutrals like ivory, taupe, grey and so many more to create soothing visual effects and make your home modern and cozy.