Important Details to Consider When Wearing Low Rise Jeans

Not all people look good in low rise jeans. When it is not worn appropriately, people can look ghastly in it. But when you wear this type of jeans the right way, you can look sexy. Once you get the right fit for you along with the appropriate accessories, low rise pants can make you look elegant and classy.

Always think of your body type when styling.

Low rise jeans are not meant to be worn by all body types. Yet it is good to know that there are several ways to make them look more flattering to your body. These pants are quite tricky to wear because of how they are designed. They are cut in a way that shows even the slightest extra fat on the skinniest body. This is why it is wise to buy one size bigger if you opt to wear this style of pants. You may also try different sizes to find out which one looks best on your body.

Get the right proportions.

This means that when you try to style up your low rise jeans, you have to consider not only how the individual pieces combine but also the overall silhouette you create. Most low rise jeans have flared bottoms. This requires a top that has more volume to strike a balance with the flared bottoms. A chunky cropped coat or a top with capped sleeves or an oversized jacket would go well with low rise pants.

low rise pants

Let loose and have fun with it.

Low rise jeans can be quite intimidating when it comes to styling them. Just keep in mind that what you have to showcase here is your personality. You also have to be creative with your outfit options. The rule of thumb is that if it doesn’t feel comfortable to you, don’t wear it. If you like to wear an item that looks good on you even when it’s not on trend, by all means, wear it. Fashion should always be fun for you.

Some Tips for Looking Great in a Low Rise

Remember that no matter how thin you can be, body fat will bulge on the sides when the pants are too tight or the hips are too low. Choose a thick belt. Any pair of low rise jeans will look best when paired with a stylish and highly decorative belt. This is particularly true when the belt is 1 1/2 inches thick or more. The belt will also hold the loose low rise jeans when they begin to become too loose throughout the day.

You may also choose a straight leg or the boot cut style or low rise jeans. Just make sure that they have the right length. To ensure this, go barefoot when you try it.