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Okay y’all….this is a post for my girl over at “A Day in The Life of A Drama Queen’s Mama”, who invited me to participate in this “blog tour.” Basically it’s a way for us bloggers to talk about ourselves and then expose you to a few of our favorite bloggers. 

Traci, the Drama Queen’s Mama, is mom to 4 kids- 3 girls!!– and keeps it real with her funny parenting stories, especially outrageous stories and hilarious quotes from her youngest daughter Brennan. Plus, she has the best name ever, even if she spells it wrong.

So here are the “interview” questions I was asked to answer, since all of us bloggers are narcissists and think you want to know all about us at all times…. You do, don’t you?

What am I working on?
Most days I’m just working on maintaining my sanity.

As for the blog, I’m working toward posting more often and I’ve got a few new stories in the works to publish.  I’ve got an older story about my distrust of vegetarians that I’m giving a facelift to and then publishing.

I’m also working on a piece for an anthology I hope to contribute to.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I’m not even sure what genre mine would fall under? “Rambly stories of an insane person?” Is that a genre?

I guess the thing that makes my blog unique is that it’s 100%, totally unfiltered ME.  I type how I talk and many of my followers have told me they can “hear” me telling the story in my voice when they’re reading a post.
Why do I write what I do?
I write about my experiences, my interactions with other people, my observations.  I tend to have weird , funny and random things happen to me so I’ve got plenty to work with. I’ve  always believed in writing what you know.  You readers can tell when you aren’t being “sincere” with your material, even when it’s a funny topic.

How does my writing/creating process work?
My creative process is a 1-2-3 dealie:

  1. Fill wine glass
  2. Turn on laptop
  3. Post finished piece

Honestly though, the hardest part is coming up with a topic. Once I’ve got a broad notion of what I want to talk about, most of the rest just comes to me. Maybe that’s annoying to those of you who struggle with words but if it makes you feel better, I’m at about a 3rd grade math level and  I can barely balance my checkbook….you win some, you lose some I suppose….

Now take a minute and check out a couple of MY favorite blogs, whom I am passing the torch to so they can keep the blog tour going:

– More than Cheese and Beer: 

This blog was started to explore food, recipes and blogs about food to break the stereotype that food in the Midwest revolves around cheese and beer. Somehow, the blog took on a life of its own and you can find Hot Ash sharing personal stories and most importantly, she hosts Sunday Confessions. Each week, she posts a topic and a whole bunch of other bloggers participate.  More than Cheese and Beer has been super supportive of my blog and has tremendously helped me grow my Facebook audience.    Go say hi!

Mommy Needs Wine Not Whine:

You can tell this isn’t your average “Mom blog” since I’m not a mom and I follow her.  Totally relatable with her witty and sarcastic sense of humor, Mommy Needs Wine Not Wine posts about being a mom and also “random crap” as she calls it.  I like her especially because she loves wine and she makes fun things like this mug:

Mommy Needs Wine, Not Whine There's a chance this is wine

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