Beautiful Bastard: Dirty Secrets from Book Club

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I was recently invited to join a book club. Although I love to read, I’ve never been in a book club because a. I like to pick out my own books and b. I like to actually talk about the books and I heard most of the time book clubs are just excuses to drink wine and nobody talks about the book. Well I have enough excuses to drink wine (like “I got out of bed today! Let’s celebrate with wine!” or “Ohhh look! I made it through another day at work without going postal- cheers to that!!” or “It’s Tuesday!!” You get the picture).  Also I feel like I am going to wind up being the annoying person at book club who shows up with discussion questions printed out and my answers thoughtfully typed up and then get mad when half the group didn’t even read the book or care enough to talk about it.

So anyway, I’m powering past my book club issues and I accepted the invitation to participate.

The first two books were off the Best- seller list and we all voted on them: “The Girl on the Train”- by Paula Hawkins and “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr which was a Pluitzer Prize winner. I thought both books were pretty respectable, especially “All the Light We Cannot See” which was a little slower moving but the writing was exceptional.

The 3rd month, we tried to do something new…..we decided we’d rotate who picked the book each month. So, I got a notification about what the next book was and I downloaded it onto my Kindle. It was called, “Beautiful Bastard” and was also on the best seller list.  I had no idea what the book was about past that. However when I hit about 3%, of the way in on my e-reader, they were totally (and graphically!!) DOING IT!! “Holy hell, I think this is one of those SEX BOOKS!!” I mumbled to myself like the 95 year old trapped in a 34 year old’s body that I am.

It was totally book porn!!! (Erotic fiction I think is what it’s officially called.)



So I of course I read the book porn, not because I necessarily WANTED to, but because I had to! I had committed to it!! And what if somebody showed up with the discussion questions and I was the one who hadn’t bothered to read the book? What kind of hypocrite would that make me?

I read this sex book because I am a good person, dammit- not because I like filling my brain with smut!!


Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

Text exchange between my girlfriend and myself after both finishing the book:

Friend: “Oh my GOD can you believe how trashy that book was for book club?”

Me: “I know!! I absolutely got dumber with each page. I read it on a flight and at the layover, I bought a Fortune Magazine and a book about world peace just to fill my brain with something other than fictitious orgasms!!”

Friend: “And that was SO unrealistic. I mean who would let somebody rip a $200 pair of panties off them multiple times?! Who even WEARS $200 panties? How about her wearing thigh highs with a garter belt to work??”

Me: “Completely!! I mean I’m lucky if I show up to work with my hair blown dry and with pants on, let alone wearing slinky lingerie to work!”
Friend:”I don’t even wear slinky lingerie for my husband like that! “
Me:”I know. Sososo unrealistic and ridiculous.”
Friend: “Totally.”
Long pause.
Friend: “Don’t judge me but I might buy the sequel.”
Me: “I’m not judging you. I probably might have already bought it.”
Friend: “And what I mean is, I’m halfway through it.”
Me: “Yeah, me too.”


Any suggestions for books to read when it’s my turn to pick? Of course I am ONLY looking for well-written, thought-provoking and riveting masterpieces. (Wink)



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4 Responses to Beautiful Bastard: Dirty Secrets from Book Club

  1. Cuz says:

    Ralph! (?)

  2. Not A Bug says:

    I love my book club too. Especially the wine part!!

  3. That’s hilarious! But to FULLY appreciate your post, I may need to go buy that book strictly for um research purposes…

  4. Tracy, Tracy, Tracy… Or should I say “Racy, Racy, Racy”! 😉 I like the way you think! And write! I want to join your book club!

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